Computer Pioneer of the 1960’s

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Computer Pioneer of the 1960’s

Computer Pioneer of the 1960’s

By: Willard Kern

About the Book and Author

Author Willard L. Kern will be 90 years old on July 11th of this year. He has been CEO of a software company since 1963, retired at 65.

He was the first to develop software using algorithms in programs. To do this he had to learn how to get sleep anywhere, anytime.

The CEO and Sexual predators.

Note: Bill Gates was about seven years old when Kern started! Author Kern ran a four million dollar company, paid employees 20% above the going rate and provided full company paid family health insurance, including dental coverage from the early 1960’s.

His companies software sold for as much as $900,000 per company die to it’s great improvement in manufacturing productivity.

Kern, although not a college graduate, self educated, was awarded four awards, including the coveted annual Gold Award, from the IIE (Institute of Industrial Engineers), an Engineering Society.

He developed the first on-line medical systems in the 1960’s and the first computer analyzed, multi-variant system, to measure labor.


(2019, Paperback, 178 pages)

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