Confessions of a Teenager: The Diaries of Three Troubled Teens

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Confessions of a Teenager: The Diaries of Three Troubled Teens

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Confessions of a Teenager: The Diaries of Three Troubled Teens
by Katie Taylor

With Aimee being the smartest and most open girl in the group, what is it that is causing her to be so moody and secretive all of a sudden?

Mia, the confident, cheeky and, at times, downright naughty fourteen-year-old, is starting to grow concerned for her best friend, Aims. The trouble is, she has so much more on her mind than her. She has a date with Jay to plan; however, her family and Aimee are just being plain awkward. Why cant they just be happy for her?

Adam, on the other hand, is Aimees twin brother. He is completely in love with their best friend, Mia. He is distraught when Jay asks Mia out on a date. Will he ever get the girl of his dreams? Will it last if he does?

About the Author

I absolutely love reading! Jill Mansell's novels are my favourite. When I am tired after work or just want to chill out, I sit on my bed with a cup of tea and read one of her books; therefore, she has inspired me to write.

I used to write a lot of stories at school. I realised as school was coming to an end that I would have nothing to do over the holidays. One morning I woke up with lots of ideas for a story. I jotted a few down and wrote a diary for three characters. I thought about their personalities to give myself a clear picture in my head of who they were. Then I started to write. The more I wrote on paper, the more ideas I got.

I never intended to write a book; it was just something to do when I wasnt out with my family and friends. When it was completed, I looked through it and that was that. From then on, I was on a mission to get this book published.

When RoseDog Books accepted my manuscript, I was so happy. My best friend and I designed some front covers for the book, for which I am truly grateful. Thank you, Fran.

(2010, paperback, 144 pages)