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by David Gobbett Are you ready to explore, to peruse new connections? Connections is the latest verse collection by David Gobbett, author of Wordsmith, published by RoseDog Books. A debut for over seventy rhymes, which are largely narrative in construction, this book continues to explore the rich emotional and transitory tapestry of life. Within these pages are fictionalized scenes of how ordinary people isolate/relate, work/leisure, stress/hope, nurture/critique, and love/argue all in our time here while questing for faith in a better tomorrow. So, are you, reader, ready to make fresh Connections? ABOUT THE AUTHOR David Gobbett is a resident of Lanham, Maryland. His formal education includes a bachelors degree in arts and humanities from the University of Maryland. Previous rhymes by the author have been published in six collegiate magazines, one local magazine, three national anthologies, and one published collection, Wordsmith. Connections is the authors second publication with RoseDog Books. (2005, paperback, 114 pages) Availability: Usually ships in 2-3 business days.