Conversations Between Me and I: The Forgotten Art of Self Therapy

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Conversations Between Me and I: The Forgotten Art of Self Therapy
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Conversations Between Me and I: The Forgotten Art of Self Therapy
by Faith Hooks

Born and raised in New Orleans, Faith Sylve Hooks never imagined she would add the title of authoress to her list of accomplishments. As a graduate of Loyola University, with a major in Political Science and minor in World Religious Studies, she focused on success in the legal field, private business and non-profit sectors. So she went underground with her love and talent for spoken word. For years she competed in poetry and spoken word venues, usually under an alias.

When Hurricane Katrina ravished New Orleans in 2005, Faith relocated to Atlanta, GA. Once there it seemed to be all business all the time while she struggled to rebuild her life. It was during this time when all of her creative juices were funneled into founding her first corporation (Divine Solutions, Inc.) specializing in helping other evacuees and minority business owners find the resources and capitol to buy homes, and start/grow businesses.

In 2008, Faith felt drawn back to her home state to do her part in the recovery. This included relocating her business and expanding it to offer community services, such as adult computer training and business marketing strategies. Yet something was still missing.

Faith married a local radio personality and finally got the chance to slow down and marinate on what life had taught her and what it was still trying to teach her. One re-occurring theme kept beating her over the head- "Being Honest With Oneself." From time to time she would pull out those old journals filled with poetry, but now they were being used to help others take a hard look in the mirror and face whatever they saw. So this book was born. Faith decided to take the huge risk of airing her own indiscretions and bumps along the road in the efforts to motivate readers to find the courage to face their dark sides and appreciate life's blessings even more.

(2012, paperback, 104 pages)