Cookies & Strawberries

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Cookies & Strawberries
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Cookies & Strawberries
by L. Thomas Hill

With a passion for writing and storytelling, Cookies & Strawberries brings to light the stories of individuals that have a desire for romance, personal self-satisfaction, along with a desire to get ahead in life.

The author has a truly unpretentious style of writing. His honest, gutsy approach to storytelling will keep the reader engrossed with the events and all the many twist and turns. This book is for everyone who cares to follow the lives and loves of dynamic characters that seem to come alive and step off the page.

About the Author:

Growing up in the Midwest, L. Thomas Hill has traveled the country and abroad which has provided him with a wide range of life experiences, along with encountering individuals from various walks of life.

As a writer, Hills words come alive and keep the reader spell-bound. He has a true knack for telling it like it is in an open, honest, and definitely hard-hitting manner.

(2016, Paperback, 106 pages)