Corporate Bandits II

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Corporate Bandits II
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Corporate Bandits II
by R. F. Ballanetine

A long career in American business is recounted to illustrate the complications that can be introduced into a career by the ever-present Corporate Bandit. The Corporate Bandit will subvert the interests of the corporation and its people to advance his personal interests.

To unmask the Corporate Bandit, this book develops the characteristics of a good corporate manager. These characteristics include those that are used to select the good employee originally. Good management style is shown to be closely related to personality.

A list of traits all good managers should have is developed. The Corporate Bandit is lacking in essential management traits, including particularly ethics.

About the Author

The author had a forty-five-year-long career as an engineer, a manager, and an executive. The career was influenced form start to finish by the ever-present Corporate Bandit, who demands his personal interests supercede the interests of the corporation and its people. The manipulations the Corporate Bandit commits can be within the law or outside the law. This career experience is recounted to help the new employee and the rising executive to recognize the Corporate Bandit and avoid his influence.

(2012, paperback, 128 pages)