Corporate Glass Houses: A Personal Story

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Corporate Glass Houses: A Personal Story

Corporate Glass Houses: A Personal Story

by Marilyn Cannon

Corporate Glass Houses: A Personal Story is a book about the personal struggle of a young woman starting out in the business world at a young age. Although she ends up working in the corporate environment for over thirty years, it has its challenges. She is laid off three times in five years as she struggles to make a life for herself and the life of her child. She encounters firsthand experience of nepotism, cliques, favoritism, and cutthroat attacks that still exist in the corporate world of business as we speak. She learns to play the games or be played.

About the Author

Marilyn Boswell Cannon is a freelance writer and poet. Although she has no previously published books to her credit, she is always writing something. She is a native of Atlanta, GA, where she has lived all of her life.

Marilyn enjoys cooking for healthy living, and she also decorates as a hobby. Her favorite thing is writing poetry since she was eleven years old, which has developed over the years as she continues to tap into other writing avenues, such as speech writing for friends and family. Marilyn is also a supporter of the Breast Cancer Walks, which she participates in regularly with her sister.

(2011, paperback, 30 pages)