Counting to Ten

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Counting to Ten

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Counting to Ten
by Didi Pratt

Are killers born or made? Alexis reaches a turning point inside her soul and decides her boss, Larry Lucas, must die by her hands. She then decides to kill all the people who hurt her and had escaped punishment. The twist comes when she plots to kill them all in one day. You find out how each person makes the list and what transforms this middle-class mother of two into a cold-blooded, calculating killer.

After a two-month stay in a mental hospital, Alexis returns to society and attempts to rebuild a normal life. While reclaiming her life, she is verbally humiliated by her boss, and Alexis decides he must pay with his life for her humiliation and pain. So if you must go to prison anyway, why not settle all your scores? She takes us on a journey to discover how and why she is counting to ten.

Has each person earned their place? You have an opportunity to decide if anything is worth killing for.

About the Author

The author is the mother of two grown children, and she has one grandson and another grandchild on the way. She has worked in retail pharmacy for over a decade and resides in Florida. She has had a love for books and writing all her life.

In her novice debut, she has taken a glimpse at teen pregnancy, HIV, domestic violence, sexism, and real loss throughout Counting to Ten. The author sought to write concerning real-life pain and shine a light on surviving. Society often refers to the bad in life but neglects to look in the mirror and see the survivor in each of us, that grace of God that passes all human understanding.

(2011, paperback, 168 pages)