Courting, Danger & Seduction

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Courting, Danger & Seduction
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Courting, Danger, & Seduction
by Brooke Comeau

Her Perfect Match

Madaline was ready for an adventure and Ben Reed was the perfect gentlemen for her needs. If they can survive the unseen villain lurking in the shadows trying to destroy her happiness, then she might just get her happily ever after. After saving Mady from a carriage accident and looking into her lively green eyes, Ben knew he had found his perfect miss. Once he figured out who was behind the threats he might just get to claim her.

Her Pirate Duke

Daffney was determined to find her match this season - but who knew she would be thrown into the middle of an old war between pirates! The new Duke is unexpected; Daffney is drawn to him and his wicked smile. Sebastian is not looking for a wife but cant seem to stay away from the delectable Miss Grey. When his enemies put her in harms way he has no choice but, to his utter enjoyment, keep her close. And if he should steal a kiss or two all the better.

Her Complete Surrender

Abby was not interested in allowing any man to have complete control of her identity, hence the no husband policy! If the distracting Laird Merrick Murphy would just get the memo and stop making her pulse flutter she might just keep her single status. Merrick was smitten and wouldnt allow Abby to withdraw from him. But, with unexpected danger at his castle does he dare pursue her until she surrenders to a passion that will be an inferno? Or must he wait for the danger to pass?

About the Author:

Brooke Comeau lives in the city of Enchantment, Rio Rancho, New Mexico. She is married to her dashing husband Patrick. Their two daughters, Riley and Madyson, will someday be Sassy Heroines. Brooke is living in her happily ever after and loving every minute! She hopes to give her readers an escape with her fun characters and lively stories.

Debut novel

Gentlemen be WARNED of a DETERMINED Miss on shelves now.

One of the best, captivating reads in a long time! Very good writing with a great flow. This may be Brookes first published novel, but she is a seasoned naturally gifted author! This book dares you to try and put it down. Cant wait to read many more books from Brooke! - Amazon Review

(2017, Paperback, 434 pages)