Cries from the Heart

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ISBN: 978-0-8059-9679-1
by Anthony Q. Mack Several years ago, Anthony Q. Mack took it upon himself to write a poem that combined love, harmony, and truth in an apologetic way to help a friend get through a rough time in a relationship. Because of the friends inability to express himself, the relationship could very well end. The results were wonderful! Even more wonderful was the revelation the Anthony could write with such power. Thus Cries from the Heart was born. Since then, hes written uplifting, positive poetry about nearly everything. Anthonys writings will make you laugh, cry, smile, frown, thinkand maybe even apologize. ABOUT THE AUTHOR Anthony Q. Mack was born a black Native American in Los Angeles on December 11, 1956. After attending various schools in Los Angels and maintaining a very good scholastic average, he graduated from a medical assisting program with honors and went on to teach an M.A. course for a major technical college. Anthony Mack knows that no matter who we are or where weve come from, the writings in Cries from the Heart can reach out and touch you no matter the situation you are in. He prays that his writings help you and your loved ones as they have helped his. (2005, paperback, 70 pages) Availability: Usually ships in 2-3 business days.