A Critique of Society

A Critique of Society
Item# ISBN: 978-0-8059-7968-8

by Dr. Harold Schneider, Ph.D.

This book presents the author’s commentary on some crucial topics in current-day society and his thoughts on how to greatly improve them. These topics include:

• The Federal and State Tax System—a fairer and affordable tax system,
• Illegal immigration and how it should be dealt with,
• “Death with Dignity,” which affects us all,
• The legal system—what is wrong with it and important improvements,
• Organized religion in society — what is wrong with it and important improvements,
• The UFO phenomenon — a few very convincing cases among many and government cover-ups,
• More author jokes and the cutest, most adorable little kid, “Angel,” on the planet and why. (She really is an angel!),
• Board game tournaments (BGT) — the author’s 100-percent belief of why it is so important for all segments of the general public to make a new recreational living using only their minds and update their current status,
• Recent newspaper and Science News articles relating to “8,”
• Final comments and conclusions, and
• The author’s biography and credentials.
• Addendum, Color Checkers — the world’s most fantastic board game — seeing is believing!


The author received his Ph.D. in physics/mathematics from the University of Cincinnati, Ohio, in August 1956 on a partial leave of absence (reimbursed) from the NASA Lewis Research Center in Cleveland, where he was an aeronautical research scientist (1951–1961). He became associated with the MIT Lincoln Laboratory as a member of the staff from 1962 to 1972, having authored many technical papers/reports, both classified and unclassified. He left the MIT Lincoln Laboratory to become a senior systems analyst with the Dynamics Research Corporation in Wilmington, Massachusetts, where he authored a number of additional original technical papers. He then spent forteen years with the Lockheed Missiles & Space Company (now Lockheed/Martin) publishing many additional original technical papers.

Dr. Schneider is also the author of Board Game Tournaments (BGT) for the Fun, Profit, & Professionalism of the Public (Unique!) and Realistically Starting Board Game Tournaments for the Fun, Profit, & Professionalism of the Public.

(2008, paperback, 38 pages)

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