Cursive Writing the Easy Way - eBook

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Cursive Writing the Easy Way - eBook

Cursive Writing the Easy Way

By: Barbara Pieper Walding

About the Book

This is Barbara Pieper Walding’s first published book. She has a BS and MS in education and almost 30 years of elementary school teaching in Connecticut, Morocco, Iran, and, primarily, in Texas.

                When Barbara was teaching, her students were recognized in the next grade. The teachers could always spot which students came from her because of their handwriting. Some people say cursive writing is becoming a lost art, but Barbara does not think so. If it is a lost art, she wants to revive it in her own little way. Cursive writing is so much more intellectual and romantic.

                Because of student testing, cursive writing is put on the backburner. Barbara does not want this love to die because there is no time for it and because technology has taken over. We must make time for it. There is a place for cursive writing in our culture.

                The program can be used in elementary through high school. It can be used in home schooling as well by parents helping their children in writing by tutors and small groups. This simple technique can be easily adapted for teens and adults. It is easy enough for some older students to teach themselves.

                The San Antonio Express News on Monday, February 27, 2017, had an article on the editorial page written by Katrina Erikson entitled “Cursive Plays Vital Role in Success.” It was written primarily for Texas schools. She gives many reasons why cursive writing should be in the curriculum of every school district because it brings success to students in many ways. Maybe Barbara is on to something.

                The Walding family consists of Barbara, her husband Dan, four children, and seven grandchildren. They all live outside of San Antonio, Texas.


(2018, eBook)