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by Ivette Febo

Mikee is a seven-year-old boy who lives with his mom and has never met his dad. One day, Mikees mom tells him that he is old enough to meet his dad. As Mikee prepares to meet his father for the first time he begins to wonder why his dad has not been in his life.

Take an emotional journey with our hero, Mikee, as he goes from wondering about his dad, to realizing the facts and finally accepting the truth. Both, you the reader and Mikee, will come to terms with the notion that in order for maturity to take place, innocence must be lost. Sometimes the biggest step you can take into adulthood is to have an open mind.

About the Author:

Ivette Febo is a Special Education teacher in New Jersey where she resides. She is currently in pursuit of her doctorate degree from Seton Hall University. Her passion for writing began when she experienced firsthand the needs of her students and their vast experiences at such an early age. She believes that childrens development into adulthood is complex: Children go through so much at such a tender age and it is rare the stories that can actually tap into a genuine need with real-life scenarios. Through words and illustrations, Ivette Febo is determined to give children and learners of all ages a voice in such a grown-up world.

(2015, Paperback, 30 pages)