Daniel's Dream: A War Between Good & Evil

Daniel's Dream: A War Between Good & Evil
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Danielís Dream: A War Between Good & Evil
by Robert Sanchez

Prior to 9/11/2001 I had dreams where I would envision a plane floating on top of a building outside Los Angeles International Airport in Los Angeles, CA. I did not understand this dream and did nothing. And then THE ATTACK on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon occurred. Not to mention the brave souls that perished in flight United 93. The most horrific cowardly act against innocent people ever manifested on American Soil. Today I have had a recurring dream of a similar nature, and I feel that it is happening again. This time they are laid out in a terrain similar to that of the Southwestern Desert. The dream includes a Commercial Jet, an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle aka UAV, and a Military Fighter Jet.

About the Author

Biography: I grew up in violent streets of Gary IN. At 12 we moved to the Caribbean. After high school I was a Counter-Intelligence Specialist, in the U.S. Army. After the Military I began my studies in Santa Monica College, CA. I later moved to Texas where I continued my studies at Texas State University San Marcos. During my time in Texas, I also owned a business that dealt closely with Imports and Exports.

(2010, paperback, 358 pages)


Daniel's Dream: A War Between Good & Evil (PDF ebook)
Daniel's Dream: A War Between Good & Evil (PDF ebook)

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