Daily Driving Dad's Dream Delighted Dorothy

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Daily Driving Dad's Dream Delighted Dorothy

Daily Driving Dad’s Dream Delighted Dorothy

By: Dorothy Thompson White

About the Book

Dorothy Thompson White feels her story for teenagers is so interesting because it is unique. Furthermore, she believes no other teenager in the world has had these unusual experiences, because no father was like her own. In this story, White shows that only money can spoil children, as she was never spoiled since she was easy to please and had several other talents that gave her much joy, including being an honor student. 


About the Author

Both the author Dorothy Thompson White and her homeroom English teacher Mrs. Eunice Weeks believed she was born to write. When Mrs. Weeks graded the themes she assigned, White was given a perfect score each time. Her parents taught her a wide vocabulary when she was only six months old, as she was the child they waited nine years for and thus spent much time with her.


(2018, Paperback, 30 pages)

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