Dani the Earth Angel

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Dani the Earth Angel
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Dani the Earth Angel
by Natasha Malone

In this mystic and adventurous tale of a ten-year-old angel, Dani is preserving a sacred truth that is growing harder and harder to keep from those around him. Equipped with some special talents and his signature messenger bag, Dani takes on the daily challenges of elementary school. He's not facing all of these crises alone. He has his best friend, Rona, and fellow Woodwind Elementary pals to make his assignment even more challenging. Come along for this unexplainable adventure with Dani as he tries to thrive in a world that is his own.

About the Author:

Facing uncertainty in choosing a career path, Natasha Malone, wife and mother of four, took a leap of faith in publishing a book she completed six years ago. It was one of her best kept secrets and now it is time to let that secret out.

(2016, Hardcover, 208 pages)