Danielle and Her Ducklings

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Danielle and Her Ducklings

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Danielle and Her Ducklings
by Rose Sherman
Illustrated by Ryan Tinnerman In this book Rose Sherman teaches children the importance of family unity and in difficuly times family and friends need to stick together and help each other out. This story is a follow up of the book Danielle The Duck. Danielle is grown and becomes a mother of her own ducklings. The story tells the joys and fun times of the ducklings growing up through the seasons. When it comes time to fly South for the winter season, their smallest duck Little Charlie is too small to fly south. Danielle and her family decide to stay North through the winter months with their brother. Its a rough winter, but with the help of Farmer Tim and his family they all have a wonderful time bonding together through the winter months.

About the Author

This is Rose Sherman (author) and Ryan Tinnerman (illustrator) second book together. They hope you enjoy this book as they have. Rose has been married to her husband Farmer Tim for thirty three years. They have raised three children, son Joshua, his wife Kystal and their children Nicholas, Alex, and Kiersten. Their son Craig and his wife Stacy and daughter Ella. Daughter Kelly and her husband Sean. Rose and Tim enjoy their life living on Lake Loramie, near the village of Minster, Ohio. They enjoy spening time outdoors on the lake with their family and caring for the wildlife through the seasons.

(2010, hardcover, 32 pages)