Dare to Be Different

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Dare to Be Different

Dare to Be Different

By: Deborah Morgan-Hughes

About the Book

Deborah Morgan-Hughes has struggled with varying degrees of mental illness as a result of numerous stressful events for the best part of her adult life. With medical and psychological intervention, a great deal of soul searching and self-improvement, plus the healing support of her family, she is beginning to accept that she is, and always will be, different.

                Now in her twilight years, Morgan-Hughes is finally introducing the concept of self-love and acceptance to her life and is learning to overcome enormous challenges with grace and humility. Rejoicing in life’s simplicity and enjoying the majesty of nature’s grandeur, she is learning to love her differences. She has found acceptance and healing through nature’s gifts, the rising and setting of the sun, the lapping of waves on the shore, the majesty of rainforest flora, all the way to the spectacular night sky.

                Dare to Be Different contains certain strategies one can employ to lessen the impact of mental illness. Morgan-Hughes’ greatest wish is for this book to provide aid on your recovering journey and find the beauty in your differences.


About the Author

Deborah Morgan-Hughes enjoys spending time with her grandchildren, writing, creative cooking, reading, and potting plants in her lovely patio. Each day, she attempts to enjoy each moment life has to offer.


(2021, paperback, 52 pages)

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