Darrell's Lake Franklin

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ISBN: 978-0-8059-8807-9
Darrell's Lake Franklin
by Darrell F. Lovett Darrells Lake Franklin was designed to show children the rewards and benefits of good, hard work. Also, it shows that work can be more fun than not. Darrell always says to pick a job you like and enjoy, and you will be a success. The book shows Darrell building different projects with the people of Darrells Town Louisiana, a made-up town. The events, on the other hand, are real projects that Darrell really did, but the names and places have been changed. The book shows Darrell doing math, building structures, and having lots of fun while looking for animals and fishing with his neighbor, Mr. Kendal. One story shows Darrell and his buddy Bob jet skiing on Lake Franklin with their dogs. Darrell also trains his dogs while he works; he has three dogs in this book Babs, Bailey, and Pokey. There are also many characters throughout the book children can enjoy getting to know. This book is as educational as it is fun. ABOUT THE AUTHOR Darrell F. Lovett is a self-employed carpenter who lives on a lake. He broke into writing childrens books and inventing toys through his experiences as a child and as an adult. He is a forty-one-year-old author with lots of stories to tell. Some will be childrens books, some will be novels, and some will be comedies, but they will eventually be in print. Darrell has a vast selection of stories due to all the ups and downs in his life. Also, he has a great big family who keeps stories coming his way. He has a plan for fiction and nonfiction and will put it into action. Darrell also believes children can learn a lot about life from his works as an author. Darrell wants to dedicate this book to his late father, Frank Alexander Lovett, who taught him about life and business. He hopes you enjoy this book and all of his future books. (2007, paperback, 104 pages) Availability: Usually ships in 2-3 business days.