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by Annette Meyer

Daydreams should be distinguished from night dreams.
Night dreams can appear incomprehensible, predictive, or scary,
But occasionally, sunny and warm.

Daydreams are invariably more practical, although farfetched;
Bold, but without foundation;
Idealistic, but without reverence.

Flowers, people, and things are suspended in an airless time span of motionless space.

A daydream may be captured in moments of time,
But its destination is nowhere in units of space.
Wake up!
Activate the dreamuse broad strokes and fine lines.

About the Author

Daydreams is one of many books of artworks conceived by Ameyer, or Annette Meyer. In them the artist demonstrates, with pen and brush, the mental and physical neighborhoods of an active, painterly life.

Special collections of the Hunter College Library of CUNY owns several books of the original artworks, along with sketchbooks, gouache paintings, prints, and memorabilia. Books of artworks by Annette Meyer, available from this publisher now and in coming months, include AM 10 to July, Close Up, Gray Daze, and Ode to Numbers.

(2011, paperback, 30 pages)

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