Dead Line

Dead Line
Item# 978-1-4349-9008-2

by Terry McFeely

Award-winning investigative reporter Paul Prescotte lay dying on a Caribbean island beach, finally forced to assess his life, his personal demons, and his personal failures. The story then flashes back to when he met his best friend, Chris, during the eighties Olympics, when he was a swimming champ and Chris was a wrestling one. Over the ensuing years, Chris becomes an important Interpol agent who teams up with Paul on many successful undercover probes and exposés. During the last preparatory meeting on the latest one — an undercover operation to expose a billionaire businessman suspected of dealing with terrorists — Chris gets fatally shot in a sudden ambush while also protecting his close friend. Paul vows revenge and determines to go on the investigation anyway, despite his fatherly editor’s warnings, the entreaties of Chris’s widow, and Paul’s own inner rumblings.

To that end, Paul adopts an alias and joins the crew of the luxury boat of his target, Roger Montrese, an arrogant, more-than-slightly-sociopath, and jealous man. He is traveling with his beautiful, albeit tentative and secret, fiancée, Lanee Manning, a rich cosmetics CEO/heiress unaware of his unlawful and unscrupulous activities. During the fateful journey around a South American island nation, Paul not only uncovers the explosive secrets he’s been seeking but haunting personal secrets as well as he faces his own mortality and is finally forced to face things from his past he’s buried for years. And as he confronts these things, Paul also faces love — for the first time in his life — with the brave and compassionate Lanee. As the story progresses, together Paul and Lanee confront danger and death as they eventually both mount the “severed tightrope” in a perilous bid for “safe harbor.”


Terry McFeely, born in 1957, is a longtime Canton, Ohio, resident, having lived there all her life except for a brief period at North Central Bible College in Minneapolis. The youngest of all five children, she currently lives in the family home with her brother and works as a nursing home dietary aide.

The author is a very creative person, having over the years written many unpublished stories, screenplays, songs, and poems. She also draws, sketches, and designs, often to complement her stories. She is a movie fan, particularly those of the thirties, forties, sixties, and seventies. Her tastes range from Alfred Hitchcock to James Bond to Star Wars. She loves art, dance, and music of all kinds and owns hundreds of books, being interested in biographies and history. She loves animals, especially dogs. She also generally loves people, although she is a very private person.

This is the author’s first novel, devised from an old screenplay summary she wrote several years ago. She is currently working on further novels, including one set in World War II.

(2008, paperback, 378 pages)

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ISBN: 978-1-4349-9008-2 E-book

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