Death Life

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Death Life

Death Life

By: Leanne Van Dongen


About the Book

At twelve years old, Felicity Hale loses her mother to a car accident. One year goes by and Felicity falls to the dark side. Four years go by and it’s time for her and her father to start anew in a new city.

Felicity meets Janessa Owens and Allison Blair, who become her immediate friends when the ghost of an unknown girl begins terrorizing them. It doesn’t take long before she physically and psychologically tortures them, testing them to determine how strong their friendship is. Felicity, Janessa, and Allison are forced into situations where they have to watch each other’s backs and endure a great deal of fear and sacrifices, to not only keep themselves alive, but to keep one another from death.

The ghost’s reason is unknown. Many questions are unanswered. This is far from over.


About the Author

Death Life, book one of the horror series Death Life, is Leanne Van Dongen’s first young adult novel. Van Dongen is also the author of the Showtime collection, consisting of Kate the Great, The Trio, and Stage Fright, for younger readers. Aside from writing, she loves baking and has a big fascination for outer space. She lives in the lower mainland of British Columbia, Canada.


(2021, Hardcover, 162 Pages)


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