Del Travels

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Del Travels
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Del Travels
by Kim Veilleux

Del Travels is the third and final dog story in this writer's trilogy about the dogs she has loved. Del is the writer's current dog and leads the family pack of dogs that includes Duke, who was featured in the first book, and the late Jib, who starred in the second book. The dog Del is sure to warm your hearts in this story about his travels, as the other dogs did in the previous two books.

About the Illustrator

The new illustrator for this book is Jen Doane, who is the previous illustrator's daughter, and the author's niece. She resides in Maine with a dog of her own and when not drawing works as a school art teacher.

About the Author

The author continues to practice as a nurse practitioner in Seattle and lives with the book's lead character, Del.

(2014, Paperback, 34 pages)