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by R. Carey

It is as if, being a woman, man, or child gives us rights to our bodies. Parents or relatives do not see nor want themselves or others to see what is happening to you. With no understanding for yourself still say No!

For us all

Girls, boys, women and men tell it and then

The deletion of it all secures

Our freedom of any abuse, gives us strength to

Not empower them and empower the sanity, the beauty of our life

The meaning to allow us to go forward


Delete it

Delete it all!

I heard evil, I saw evil. It was being let out on me.

Speak when spoken to, otherwise be quiet. Who was I that

Anyone would listen too? I learned that early in life.

I never knew what normal was. Is that normal?

Everybody else seemed to be different than me. Their

Smiles and laughter let me know it didnt bother them.

Invisible and unknown, shush they are coming for me

Again, to touch me and make me do things.

About the Author:

R. Carey was born in Illinois in 1962. She has three children whom she speaks of often. She remains close to her mom who has suffered with her illness for years. Its hard to explain her life at times. She recalls the actions that take time in her life but not the life on time.

Careys life is real and used to be painfully hurtful. The more life has thrown at her, the more she became a great fighter with the help of those who meant the most to her. It takes a lot to be reformed after the many things that she has been through in her life but shes deleted all the bad and is delighted to receive the good!

(2017, Paperback, 56 pages)