Delta VII

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Delta VII
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Delta VII
by Andrew McEldowney

Ghouls, ghosts, vampires, werewolves, Kelonians! Follow Haith Zati and her daughter Aura as they are forced from their life of hiding. With their family, and a very old friend, they are hunted by the most powerful Kelonian known to exist. When Haith stops running and decides to do what she does best, her choice not only affects her family but changes the world.

The first in the Delta VII series, enter the beginning of a modern supernatural world in need of a little, or a lot of, tough love. Haith Zati starts a movement that ripples through time, and alters the lives of billions.

About the Author:

Andrew McEldowney is a man passionate about sharing stories. With an active imagination, decades of making up tall tales and epic stories, and an unrelenting fountain of ideas and possibilities, Andrew's been building the life of an author most of his days. But, what good is a story if you don't share it? Attempting to leave the life of shops and factories, Andrew McEldowney is ready to share his tales with the world - and let others into his mind of a chaotic believer who believes in all things unseen.

(2016, Paperback, 346 pages)