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ISBN: 978-0-8059-8813-0
by Dale Parsons Dementia is a short record attempting to portray a picture of her eight-year losing struggle with that horrible, damnable mind-destroying illness called Alzheimers disease. It tries to show the awful confusion and tormented mind she suffered but could not escape, and she was unable to describe that hellish world in which she found herself trapped. Her world became an ever-shifting, unstable pattern of eternal puzzles one after another wherein she found herself compelled to try to solve them. As soon as the errant parts were fitted in, one or more other pieces dropped out and there she would go, diving into that morass all over again. Anything new she became unable to cope with, asking again in seconds, Now what is this? and What is that for? Alzheimers cripples the memory by insulating brain cells from each other, and signals become corrupted or lost completely. This action can result in shutting down body functions resulting in an Alzheimers death taking limitless forms. ABOUT THE AUTHOR Dale Parsons has one son, three beautiful grandchildren, and five lovely great-grandchildren. Formerly, his hobbies were older tube-type radios, antique clocks, and gardening. Failing eyesight closed the first two and a Parkinsons type thing ended the last field. His main outlet now is the computer and writing. He wrote Cross Roads, a tale of the night two time streams forty-seven years apart came together, an event that mocks UFO claims. His recently published Harlans Hounds, a story of a couple being chased through the northwest forest, promises to be a runaway best seller. His soon-to-be published The Worm is a mixed-up love story and about a grotesque creature invading a mans dreams with every life crisis. Henry the Great, an absolute force. He suddenly creates a lovely blondebut hold on! We were about to divulge critically confidential information! (2006, paperback, 174 pages) Availability: Usually ships in 2-3 business days.