Demon, Inc.

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Demon, Inc.

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Demon, Inc.
by Kash N.K.

The world Fey Night lives in is a strange one indeed, one where humans, vampires, weres, demons, and all manner of creatures coexist in relative peace. Still, there is always someone stepping out of line, and as the best and most efficient exorcist in her state, Fey has to deal with a plethora of out-of-control demons. This job might just be the one that turns her life around as she is soon to find out she has new allies in unwanted places. Jesse Mane, a new weretiger, and Aluncad, a vampire, just wont leave her alone, although all she wants to do is go on with her simple life and just do her job.

Fey, Jesse, and Aluncad all follow their separate paths, but unbeknownst to them their paths are set to convergewhether they like it or not.

(2011, paperback, 110 pages)