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by S.S. Riley

A lot of people are going to want to read this. -Dean Clark

It keeps you wondering what is going to happen next. -Kellie Kennedy

Theres a lot of truth in it. -Sherrie Leach

Kizzy was a nobodya big, fat zero. She was a high school dropout, an ex-alcoholic and a drug user. Her life was going nowhere. In desperation, she fell on her knees, praying that God would give her a little bit of much needed wisdom and understanding

The prayer started being answered. But not in any way Kizzy expected. As her eyes were being opened to what the world really was, she freaked out. Fearing she was going insane, she withdrew, almost becoming a hermit. Confusion, shock and uncertainty drove her to the point of contemplating suicide.

A feeling that something terrible was happening gradually gave way to the truth. And it was ugly. She had to share that truth with as many people as she could because it had become obvious not every story is going to have a happy ending. Will yours?

About the Author:

S.S. Riley temporarily resides with her beautiful daughter and granddaughter in a small rural town in Ohio. Besides watching the two-year-old while her daughter works, she attends church regularly, prays a lot, studies the Bible and listens carefully for the small still voice of her Creator.

Riley enjoys hard physical labor and outdoor activities. It is where she is closest to God. Other interests include her animals, crocheting, baking, writing, and deep thinking about how the Bible relates to events in the world today.

It is Rileys deepest, most sincere wish that no soul will ever burn in hell. But she knows that wishes dont always come true. With this in mind, her inspired writings aim for this goal. Maybe trying to touch one life at a time is better than not trying at all. But try she must.

(2016, Paperback, 322 pages)