Der Erlkoenig

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Der Erlkoenig
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Der Erlkoenig
by Adria Winsor

Set against a backdrop of years gone by, Der Erlkoenig brings readers the tale of a father and son making their way through life in the only way they know how: carving out the path of the humble woodsman. But what yet awaits them, stalking between the trees and creeping through the shadows, will bring their greatest fears to light.

Follow this small family on their harrowing journey through the encroaching night, and discover the unknown that weakens even the hardiest of souls. Prepare to meet the lurker that seeks the unwary and lost: the Erlkoenig.

About the Author:

Author Adria Winsor is an enthusiastic writer with a love for classical writing, ranging from Edgar Allan Poe, to Hans Christian Anderson, to Homer, to the Brothers Grimm. Born and raised in the small town portion of United States Midwest, Winsors greatest adventures have often come from such sources. While academics were their own fantastic journeythanks to the professors and fellow students at Indiana Wesleyan Universitythey served as a foil to the more appealing ventures of fantasy that shed grown up with. So, with all that in mind, shes set off on her own expedition to bring that exuberance to others as well.

(2017, Paperback, 30 pages)