Descendants of Columbus

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Descendants of Columbus
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Descendants of Columbus
by Colette Saliba

Descendants of Columbus is a book of generations creators and their achievements. It is the history of the most important stages passed by innovators in order to reach their goal. These creative people were unknown by their homelands and America. They were known as Arab-Americans, not sons of identity. Author Colette Saliba has interviewed a number of them and she has tried to stand on their concerns as messengers of originality. Descendants of Columbus have been armed with talent, imagination, passion and ambition, winning epic awards. This book is a modest attempt to keep track of their careers and reveals the secret of their success.

The descendants of Columbus are pioneers of culture and science who share common promises to build the America of tomorrow. Saliba has written about the factors that contributed to build the immigrant character from imagination, ambition, memory and talent. There is also the positive significance of the book in academic terms. This is to shed light on the history of Arab-Americans and their accomplishments. They saw America as a fertile ground to invest their talents, and also they saw the U.S. as a country of development and an open society where they are directed in the right way. The achievement of Arab-Americans extended on all areas of America in all states. Saliba has written Descendants of Columbus to highlight the successes of Arab-Americans and to educate people in her homeland about the opportunities available to them in the United States. She has interviewed a number of Arab-Americans; people who tell their stories of working towards and achieving the American dream.

Saliba felt compelled to write the book after hearing of actor/writer Michel Ashkars biography and one-man play about Lebanese-American poet, artist and writer Gibran Khalil Gibran.

(2017, Paperback, 320 pages)