Descubiertos/Uncoverings: Growing from Adoption and Reunion

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Descubiertos/Uncoverings: Growing from Adoption and Reunion

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Descubiertos/Uncoverings: Growing from Adoption and Reunion
by Denise M. Hoffman

When a rock is thrown into water, when prayers are whispered from a faraway land, its ripple effects are far-reachingas are the ripple effects of reunion.

A newly reunited adoptee ponders the question Where do we go from here? But before she can even attempt to answer that perennial question, she must first look within to address her own unacknowledged questions, some that have no definite answers and others in which the answers will leave her emotionally shattered. Integration of these new realities, on a level other than the intellectual, will require an introspective journey toward higher consciousness. It is a journey with no guarantees, yet one in which a soulful purpose is ultimately revealed.

From the closing of one stage curtain to the eventual reopening of another, Descubiertos/Uncoverings: Growing from Adoption and Reunion reveals the behind-the-curtains personal struggle of a young woman to not only confront the mixed blessings reunion has brought her, but also the resilience to blossom like the lotus flower because of it.

About the Author

Denise M. Hoffman is the author of the prequel Ocultando No Mas/Hiding No More: Unmasking Adoption and Reunion. An avid practitioner of yoga and meditation, she is passionate about using her life experiences as a human being, woman, and biracial Latina adoptee to enhance awareness and broaden conversations of adoption/reunion- related perspectives on a social, ethical, and global level. She lives in New Orleans, Louisiana.

(2009, paperback, 82 pages)