Destructive Styles

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Destructive Styles

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Destructive Styles
by Michael A. Wilson

Destructive Styles is based on actual situations that have taken place around the author over the years while he was growing up in a tough neighborhood and are written in poetical form. The author, Michael, writes of these unforgettable memories of his childhood; desperately wanting and hoping that one day life in tough neighborhoods will change for the better and not for the worse. He also speaks of some struggles while living with schizophrenia in his poems.

About the Author

Michael A. Wilson has been suffering from schizophrenia since he was diagnosed at the age of sixteen. Michael led a life of crime and drug addiction. He eventually went to prison from 1994-1997. Upon his release he relocated to Pittsburg, Kansas, where he is raising a family and striving to be a positive role model for others who struggle with a mental illness as well as troubled teens around his community.

This is Michaels second poetry book.

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(2012, paperback, 36 pages)