Destructor Wind

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Destructor Wind

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Destructor Wind
by Loubaki Pepin Rgis

Resolutely the existence is a wonderful work before us, but in reality the wonderful work is liveliness to be destroyed, thus Destructor Wind finds its sense comparison in the event state of things.

A wind of destruction shatters. The wind of destruction is expressed by the ruin and the desolation, thus this poetry touches on a particular look on the destruction of world in general.

The wind ravages of pollution of characteristic destruction of health by a consummation of excessive drugs, by industrialization and its hateful consequences, the continuation the toxic scraps, and so on. Sexual cruelty and the systematic purging of human life crumbles the hope by a vesperal, political force maintained by the occultists practices, for torsion of true believing, where God is confused in simple religions, which are renown, recognized to be the opium of people.

About the Author

Loubaki Pepin Rgis is a Congolese young writer. His father is Loubaki Gabouma Jerome, and his mother is Elenga Hotense.

After his studies at Brazzaville, he takes writing workshops at the centre Genes directed by the writer Guy Aurelien Biantsissila, where he was unblocked to write his first collection of poetry, Destructor Wind.

(2011, paperback, 48 pages)