Detective Sarah "The Pitbull"

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Detective Sarah "The Pitbull"
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Detective Sarah "The Pitbull"
by Edward N. Magi, Jr.

A respected female detective, Sarah Peterson of the Fairfield Police Department, made her bones by solving a difficult murder case involving a New York Mafia leader in Heroic Twist (RoseDog Books). This accomplishment earned her the nickname the Pitbull.

Now Sarah pursues vicious rapists preying on young high school girls. Without the knowledge of her superiors, Sarah develops her own plan of action.

While Sarahs pursuit is going on, the FBI informs all Fairfield County Police departments that terrorists intend to strike somewhere in the county. Sarahs skills are tested as she and her partner are assigned to stakeout a potential target.

Sarahs persistence and tenacity eventually earn her a lead assignment of a special unit set-up to prevent the flow of drugs in the county and a direct head-butt with the local chapter of the mafia.

But during the above pursuits of justice Sarah will encounter the one thing she did not train for: she falls in love.

About the Author

The author is a retired businessman living in a small suburb of Connecticut with his wife, Jeanne. Being brought up and schooled in Fairfield, Connecticut, and familiar with its surroundings, the author chose this location for his story.

Playing golf, volunteering, and following his grandchildrens sporting events fill a significant portion of the authors life. However, after writing Heroic Twist and being encouraged by many of his readers, he decided to write on and develop the character of Detective Sarah Peterson.

The author can be contacted via e-mail at Comments are welcome.

(2012, paperback, 190 pages)