Developing Grace

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Developing Grace
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Developing Grace
by Donald Garner

In Developing Grace, the third volume in this series, the author continues to expound on the adventures and misfortunes in the life of the title character. Grace Vita is made to endure many challenges to her convictions as she seeks to grow spiritually and to strengthen her Christian faith. Mr. Garner attempts to extract life lessons for the reader out of the roller coaster experiences that give maturity and seasoning to the tenuous life of Grace Vita. The author uses Biblical quotes and scriptural references to align the peaks and valleys in Grace Vitas faith walk to what might be the Fathers will for His children in this earthly life.

Subsequent titles in the Grace Vita series are Refining Grace and Regenerating Grace. Earlier writings by this author include the first two books in the series titled Cultivating Grace and Liberating Grace, plus two historical non-fiction works: ORIGINS of Our Congregations and BLOODLINES of a Family of Florida Crackers.

About the Author: Having worked at a number of various occupations and having employed more than a hundred individuals in an assortment of small businesses, Donald C. Garner draws upon his years of experience as a staff manager, employer, mentor and unintended mental health counselor in compiling the Grace Vita saga.

Mr. Garner is known to be an accomplished woodcrafter and an amateur photographer. Having lived in six different locales around the Sunshine State, Mr. Garner presently resides in St. Petersburg, Florida.

(2015, Paperback, 300 pages)