Dinner: A Memory

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Dinner: A Memory

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Dinner: A Memory
by Anthony M. Pieroni

The story takes place in an Italian restaurant in Hudson County, New Jersey. Seated around a table are eight men, old friends who have once again come together to share a meal.

As the wine flows, so do the stories that are the shared history of the group. The stories grow and change over the years, but they always amuse. Please join them and enjoy the meal.

About the Author

Anthony M. Pieroni wanted to pay tribute to the friendships that have spanned over fifty years. The stories and experiences of the men in his book are an important part of his life.

Tony is a retired school administrator who lives in River Edge, NJ, with Lydia, his wife of forty-two years. His life has been enriched by his daughter, Emily; his son, Tony; and his daughter-in-law, Cherie, who have given him two wonderful grandchildren, Anthony and Amelia.

(2008, paperback, 92 pages)