Do You?

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Do You?
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Do You?
by Ruth Walsh

Ruth Kinahan Walsh loved teaching her four children how to read and now wants to help your child learn how to read and recite the alphabet, too!

In her first book, Do You?Ruth uses names for the fictional children from each letter in the alphabet. She wants your children to relate to the names of the fictional characters, perhaps experiencing excitement over knowing a real child with that name who may attend their school or live in their neighborhood.

Ruth also wanted to introduce nouns that start with the letters of the alphabet and help expand a young childs vocabulary. Ruth wants your children to learn to read this book and then ask themselves, Do I do or feel these things? and be able to share their feelings and adventures with others.

About the Author: Ruth Kinahan Walsh was born, raised, and educated in Yonkers, New York. She met her husband there and they have four grown children and four grandchildren.Ruth worked in the Yonkers School System and enjoyed being a Den Mother for her sons Cub Scouts and Girl Scout Leader for her daughters Brownie troops.

Ruth moved to Ocala, Florida in 1980 and worked for an eye doctors office. Her youngest child was born a few years after moving to Florida. Ruth started a youth group in her community of Marion Oaks and operated it for several years. She presently runs a Book Club and a Shuffleboard Club.

Ruth is retired and enjoys reading, sewing, painting, crafts, and especially writing. Her dream was to have one of her books published and that dream has come true. Ruth is very excited to share this book with you and has high hopes that your children will be enlightened.

(2015, Paperback, 38 pages)