The Dominant African-American Woman

The Dominant African-American Woman
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The Dominant African-American Woman
by Donald Sharief I

Regina Alston is the African American woman who inspired me to write this book. She is so dominant, overbearing, and unreasonable, she forces that kind of behavior. I see African-American women in general as being dominant. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that. I believe Regina has a psychological problem. When a woman tries to physically force a man to do something, she has a problem, especially when she knows that man is stronger than she is. I believe if African-American women were humble, their relationships would be better. Try it!

About the Author

I am African American, and I have always dated African-American women, not because I am prejudiced; this is a choice. I have carefully studied the behavior of African-American women by the guidance of G-d. I have come to the conclusion that African-American women have dominant behavior. We came into this nation of Islam under the honorable Elijah Mohammed, and he would sometimes teach about black women. It was his teaching that qualified me to write this book.

(2009, paperback, 40 pages)


The Dominant African-American Woman (e-book)
The Dominant African-American Woman (e-book)

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