Doing the Right Thing - Every Time!!!

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Doing the Right Thing - Every Time!!!
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Doing the Right Thing - Every Time!!!
by Bernard Shapiro

Bernard has accumulated these quotes, sayings, and caveats, over the years; and he truly believes that if you live by them, you will be a good person and will end up doing the right thing every time!!!

Although the collection encompasses numerous subjects, there is a common theme woven throughout the book: be a good and righteous person. The world is devoid of people who try to do the right thing every time!!! There is nothing unique or magical about this collection of quotes, sayings, and caveats, yet you will find few people that adhere to all of these good ideas every time!!!

Bernard is sure there are hundreds more one or two sentence caveats that contain the wisdom that make for a truly humane person. Why not collect them and add them to your list of doing the right thing every time!!!!

About the Author

Bernard Shapiro graduated from Clark University in 1957, majoring in government and international relations. After a brief stint at Columbia University Law School, he followed in his father's footsteps and entered the world of fashion jewelry, forming his own company, Les Bernard Inc. in 1963.

Bernard sold the company in 1991 and then spent the following five years traveling the globe as the company's international sales representative. From 1971 to 1996 he and his wife Laura, logged over 100 trips to Europe and Asia. In 1974, Les Bernard was the first American fashion jewelry firm invited to mainland China where Bernard soon established a working relationship with the government-run jewelry division. In 1984 he appeared on Good Morning Hong Kong to introduce the company and it's product line to retail customers through out the Pacific Rim.

He currently resides in a 1928 converted carriage house on the North Shore of Long Island.

(2012, hardcover, 58 pages)