Don't Get Too Close

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Don't Get Too Close

Don’t Get Too Close

By: Jay Janzee


About the Book

Dajawni Kwame is used to building emotional walls all around her and keeping her heart on a private island. She swears she would never fall in love, but Justin Ziering’s presence changes all of that. She couldn't understand why he pursues her so relentlessly, until he reveals a life-altering dream to her.


About the Author

While beginning her journey as a writer in 2008, Jay Janzee started cultivating some life-altering events from her personal life and strategically added them into her body of work.

As with many of her stories, Don’t Get Too Close is loosely based on Jay's own experiences, with added dramatizations that paint a dynamic picture of her personal beliefs.


(2020, Paperback, 372 Pages)


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