Dory's Saga

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Dory's Saga

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Dory's Saga
D.S. Morman

This is the story of how a terrible tragedy in a young girls life morphed over the years: from depths of hopelessness to the heights of hope. It shows how the most unlikely of people and circumstances conspired to make that transformation possible.

Dory Cowls story is an example of how the future can often be something quite different than it seems.

About the Book

D.S. Morman is a retiree from a major US Corporation. Over his long career, he held a number of executive positions. His work took him to many locations within the US and overseas. Those experiences gave him exposure to a wide range of cultures and people. He learned that while the cultures varied, there were a number of common characteristics present in the people.

He took up writing as a second career on retirement and has written a number of essays, short stories, poems and novels, based on his lifetime of observations. To date, he has not sought publication as a goal; although a few of his poems and essays have been printed in religious genre magazines.

He currently resides in southern New Jersey with his wife.

(2010, paperback, 34 pages)