Dot's Snow Day

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Dot's Snow Day
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Dots Snow Day
by Sara Haynes Zimmerman

Picture a country field, a hidden dirt burrow, and a family of seven Trabbits. They are strange but loveable creatures. The most interesting of the family is a little Trabbit named Dot. Dot loves to tease and joke. What happens when Dot prays for snow? Snow is very inconvenient for the Trabbit family. Dot wonders if maybe a snow day is not a good idea. Will Dot get her snow day? Lets find out.

About the Author:

Sara Haynes Zimmerman lives in a house surrounded by trees and flowers on a hill overlooking the mountains just outside of Seattle. She lives with her husband, two opinionated cats and one yippy dog. She has terrific grandchildren and grown children. Sara is a very happily retired accountant, who loves to read and draw and enjoy life. Sara hopes that her drawings and stories will create thought and imagination in her readers.

(2017, Paperback, 32 pages)