Double Jeopardy

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ISBN: 978-0-8059-8746-1
Double Jeopardy
by Peter Storey This book is for those of you stuck in an airport or a bus terminal somewhere or maybe you just need to forget your everyday life for a while. This book will lift you out of your daily life and make you leave your everyday irritations behind for a while. It will take you on a flight of fantasy that is well within the realm of truth. There is a big, strong rouged man for the women and a hot, sexy woman for the men. Combine the two with a large shot of intrigue and some bedroom capers, and you have a book that will lift your spirits and get your heart pounding as you take on the identity of the characters in the book. While this book is mainly fiction, the events sometimes seem too close to reality for comfort as we travel from Canada to England on what starts out as a simple business trip! Look around you. Are any of the people you see who you think they are? Buy me and set your mind free for a couple of hours as we make love to beautiful women and the good guys get the bad guys - maybe! ABOUT THE AUTHOR A retired salesman with too much time on his hands and a vivid imagination, the author is a longtime fan of Mickey Spillane. Having spent what seemed like a lifetime of waiting in airports in half the countries of the world reading "Mickey's" books, it seemed only natural to put his experiences and imagination together and write a book of his own, which turned into three. The father of two sons has four grandchildren, has been married for thirty-nine years, and intends to remain so as long as his wife will put up with him. The second and third books are based in Mexico, where he and his wife spent their winters and whee he also does much of his writing. He writes because he enjoys it, and if it gives other people pleasure reading his book, that is a bonus. (2008, paperback, 190 pages) Availability: Usually ships in 2-3 business days.