Dragon Tales: A Memoir

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Dragon Tales: A Memoir

Dragon Tales: A Memoir

By: Jacqueline Hudson


About the Book


Dragon Tales: A Memoir is an autobiographical story of Jacqueline Hudson’s life all the funny and sad she has observed in her life time told in short movie-clip experiences. Although the stories are not always told in chronological order, it’s not written in a strict timeline, it was written however, as she could remember it. All the names in the book are real people whom may have had an impact in her life both great and greater to them. Thank You.


About the Author


Jacqueline Hudson was born and raised in Portland, Oregon where she currently resides. This is her first book. Ms. Hudson has contributed articles for on-the-job newsletters for various companies she has worked for. Ms. Hudson graduated with Bachelor of Arts degree in American Sign Language/English Interpreting from Western Oregon University and minored in Spanish, which she cannot speak a word.



(2020, paperback, 144 pages)

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