Dreams, Love, & Reality: Volume II

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Dreams, Love, & Reality: Volume II

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Dreams, Love, & Reality: Volume II
by Bruno Smith

My story begins during the year 1979, when I met a woman in a night club by the name of Marci. She was separated from her husband at the time. It was not very long until we both fell in love. She created an atmosphere that caused me to start writing poetry. She later tried to get back with her husband and make her marriage work after finding out he had another woman. She became hurt, and we went our separate ways after that.

Later another woman came along, around 1973, by the name of Beth. The same thing happened again; I fell in love with her. We were doing well until her father came in the middle and ruined everything.

Today I am single. I have never been married, and I dont have any children. I give glory to God and my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for giving me this talent and I deeply appreciate it. I spend my spare time jogging, lifting weights, and taking photographs of tugboats on the Mississippi River.

I hope this book may be inspiring to my reader, and I hope you enjoy it very much.

(2012, paperback, 54 pages)