Dreams of Deception

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Dreams of Deception
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Dreams of Deception
by Denise Marie Whitmore

Dreams of Deception will keep you guessing all the way to the end. You are about to embark on the mystery of the Stark family.

Elizabeth Stark was born and raised in the deep woods of Aroostook County by her mother and father. When her parents were in a terrible car accident they left her to take care of the farm she has grown to love.

Elizabeth struggles, until the mysterious heartthrob Jake Hyde rolls into town with promises to help her restore what she originally had. Night after night, Elizabeth has dreams about her parents untimely death and she learns more about her past than she had ever expected. Now she is desperate to find out the truth and settle the score while one disaster after another sends her spiraling, holding onto the man that also haunts her dreams of deception. However, nothing can save Elizabeth but herself.

About the Author: Denise Marie Whitmore has found a fascinating way of bringing out the beauty and nature of the North Maine woods, while letting the suspense and thrill linger in the background from page one. Like her character Elizabeth Stark, Whitmore was born in Aroostook County where she is a wife and mother of two. The seductive and stabbing words of this author will leave you in need of more. Whitmore has a way of bringing her readers into the story, wanting to connect with this young character as she tries to save her farm and her sanity.

(2015, Paperback, 234 pages)