Dusty Escapes

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Dusty Escapes
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Dusty Escapes
by Kat Midgley

This story is based on the real life adventures of the authors first pony: Dusty, a grey Connemara pony, who was bought for Kat by her Granddad when Kat was thirteen.

As a teenager, Kat worked at a holiday trekking centre looking after the horses. Dusty was a sharp and lively pony. He took riders out trekking in the woods and on the moors of Exmoor. Dusty loved to run, and on this particular ride, he ditched his poor rider on top of the moors and bolted.

When they learned of Dustys disappearance, a team of yard workers set out to find him. Six hours later Dusty was found, shivering all alone in the dark of the wild moors. He was brought home by trailer looking quite bedraggled and feeling rather sorry for himself.

This was not the first time Dusty had pulled a stunt like this. He was to be sold because he was not a suitable temperament. Kat was devastated to think she would never see Dusty again. But her Granddad bought Dusty and he was taken home with her!

About the Author:

Author Kat Midgley has a lifelong passion for horses. She sat on her first horse, a sixteen hand hunter, at the age of eighteen months.

(2015, Paperback, 38 pages)