East Greenbush

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East Greenbush

East Greenbush

By: Bernard Lewis Rottschaefer, M.D.


About the Book

Bernard Lewis Rottschaefer, M.D. is the author of ANAK and East Greenbush. 

East Greenbush exudes teenage angst coupled with the coming of age during the late Eisenhower era when 'no' meant no but also mean yes when accompanied by pelvic elevation. The free spirit of 'Easy Rider' leaps from the pages of East Greenbush. A serious maiming crime unbound by the statute of limitations happening five decades before his death haunts Jimmy throughout this love saga of his life. 

Serious moral issues remembered as the touchstones of Jimmy's life are individually depicted often raging war with Jimmy's religious underpinning. Suddenly Ancestry DNA shatters unsuspected lifelong secrets that Jimmy must address as he struggles to minimize damage to his family. Amy, a friendly provocative Victorian ghost providing both physical and mental support, adds brief insight into Victorian sexual mores while resurrecting Jimmy from the abyss of progressive mental and physical decline. 

A 1949 Ford convertible and a 1936 Indian motorcycle and a reconstructed Harley Davidson serve to bind much of East Greenbush together. East Greenbush, Pittsburgh and Holland, Michigan provide the backdrops for East Greenbush while adding flavorful color. 

East Greenbush provides nostalgia for baby boomers, focus for Generation X and charming instruction for the Millennials and Generation Z served up in a lively fast flowing format.


(2020, Paperback, 190 Pages)


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