Echoes from Israel

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Echoes from Israel

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Echoes from Israel
by Barine Ngaage

Echoes from Israel is a poetic diary of the holy sites and historical events of Israel. The holy sites echo the political, social, and religious epochs in the life of Israel, which every pilgrim sees and feels. These poems capture the experiences.

The poet evokes the crises of the nation, striving for survival and worldview, in condensed poetry. One is literally transported on the wings of poetry to Israel, where one visualises the beauty of the nation, from its architecture to its agriculture, as it is painted in the poems.

About the Author

Dr. Barine Saana Ngaage has taught at the university level for nineteen years. He is the author of the poetry collections The Earth Listens, Rhythm of Crises and Song of Dawn. He has read his poems at the British council in Nigeria, at the universities of Port Harcourt and Niger Delta, at the Association of Nigerian Authors, Rivers State and Chotro, India. He was given the Editors Choice Award for his poem Dream in 1994 by The National Library of Poetry, American.

Echoes from Israel is his fourth collection; it comes alive fully through his Christian background and teaching experience.

(2011, paperback, 70 pages)