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ISBN: 978-0-8059-7352-5
EDOC YM (My Code)
by Ephraim Cleese Antipodes. North has South. Everything has its own antipode. Thats how the world was made. Male and Female. Hate and Love. Life and Death. Theist and Atheist. This book is about it. About antipodes. About John Wayne and Marilyn Monroe in the toilet. About the need to kill people from bringing them democracy and PEACE. At the end, those dead eventually get some sort of PEACE. Rest in PEACE! Only one resurrected (this will be in the third book). Antipodes. Again! The Koran has satanic verses. The Bible has communist manifesto (shorter: CM)! My Code (shorter: MC) is CM antipode, not the Bible antipode. But it might become similar to it. It depends on which way you read it. Between the lines or between the books. Good luck. ABOUT THE AUTHOR If a man is married (and I am), then the best description of the author (me) could come from my wife. And here is what she says about me: Arrogantwith a sense of humorstubbornintelligentnastysmartirascibleextrovertedcynicalsarcasticprovocativeconflictualable to see unforeseen. Refuses to wash the dishes, vacuum the floor, or wash any windows. Often seen with his index finger in his nose. Above all, he thinks he is always right. And the worst is at the end, he is almost always right (sometimes also left). (2006, paperback, 136 pages) Availability: Usually ships in 2-3 business days.